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#thankfulthursday Many of you recognize this lovely lady as the beach marshal at…

#thankfulthursday Many of you recognize this lovely lady as the beach marshal at WSA and Surfing America Prime events, Andrea Swayne. Andrea is the mom of a brilliant daughter, Madi, who had a hankering to surf. Andrea did everything she could to stoke her daughters passion. When she saw things in the surf world she thought needing improvement she would throw herself in and make things better. No surf shops for girls? She and a partner started HB Wahines in downtown HB complete with a mini half pipe for the girls. She hosted the HB Wahines girls surf contest at 9th street and the HB Wahines girls competition surf team which raised the level of the surfing among young SoCal girls tremendously. She joined the WSA board of directors in 2005 and was key in the resurrection of the organization. She started the WSA Menehune Surf Fest in 2006 which has given hundreds of young surfers their first contest experience. The push in division she developed was adopted into the regulars WSA events. She was the cofounder of WSA Prime in 2008, now Surfing America Prime. In addition she started a Grom of the Week column in the San Clemente and Dana Point Times in 2006 which she continues to write to this day. She is a talented artist, writer and photographer. Her WSA lifestyle photos and videos from the beach marshal table really capture the fun vibe and personalities of our surfers. Thank you Andrea Swayne @andreaswayne