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Surfers helping surfers, that’s what we do.

Surfers helping surfers, that’s what we do.


Bryan Jennings

Friends,Derek Rabelo (blind surfer) and his friend are coming to town March 20th – July to show the Beyond Sight movie in many cities that it has not been shown in yet. Do you or anyone you know have a guest house he can stay at? He can afford a little bit of rent. He will be busy each day with visiting many schools and churches etc etc… He will have his own car and his friend can drive him and take care of him, so they will be independent. I am trying to find him a host home for all of the time or at least 2-3 weeks of his time here.ALSO WHILE HE IS IN THE STATES WE ARE LOOKING FOR ANY CITIES WHO WANT A BEYOND SIGHT MOVIE SHOWING…. DEREK CAN COME AS SPECIAL GUEST ALSO…If interested please email: info@walkingonwater.com Thanks guys!Bryan