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WSA Announces New Partnership With LEUS

WSA is happy to announce a new sponsorship partnership with LEUS! LEUS (loose) is a collective tribe of all day fun seekers, experience makers and pool party crashers linked by a common love of good times—there’s no stamp of approval needed to vibe with their tribe. LEUS delivers a diverse collection of products inspired by the elements of[…]

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Ventura Cancelled Due to Flat Surf

The decision has been made to cancel our Ventura event this weekend due to flat surf. We wanted to give everyone enough notice to cancel hotel rooms. Sorry for the inconvenience. We will reschedule the date and possibly the location and let you know your options if you are signed[…]

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Updated Final Ratings from the 16/17 Salt Life WSA Championship Tour!

Click HERE for final season ratings. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xRAg9RiaEN8OSFVM5qJ6v1DGiN1vzLZO2tIkITDhnig/edit?usp=sharing All Longboard, Adults Shortboard and Adaptive Surfers that surfed in the West Coast Championships are eligible for the USA Surfing Championships at Oceanside Harbor North Jetty – June 13 Adult Shortboard, June 14 Adaptive, June 15 Longboard, June 16 SUP Surf. Register here[…]

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