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A powerful reminder of how important it is to ensure your children are well care…

A powerful reminder of how important it is to ensure your children are well cared for in the hands of a surfing coach or instructor.

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Do not let this happen to your child!
To all parents that have there children in a surf club, surf team, surf camp, or any other organized surfing group. Do not
settle for unprofessional unqualified uncertified losers.
The ocean and your children are a very serious thing and potentially deadly. The number one cause of death for children is drowning! There have been two instances of inexcusable and utter disregard for the safety of our youth in the last two days. Where a girl was left at Rincon unattended by her so called instructor, suffered a concussion and was taken away by an ambulance. The other I witnessed my self. Seventeen kids trying to surf during a powerful west swell and extreme tide swings with no instructors in the water helping and or watching.
Here is a list of things that each parent should look for a standard that my Surf Academy implemented for twenty years.
1. One instructor for five children
2. All instructors certified in ocean life guarding.
3. All instructors CPR and first aid certified.
4. Two cell phones.
5. Two vehicles.
6. Always at bare minimum one instructor in water one on the beach this all depends on size of group.
7. Large first aid kit on beach at all times.
8. Proper insurance and permits.